Welcome to Rasa Foods!

The Significance of Rasa:

RASA is a Sanskrit word that means “divine nectar.” It also means “the sap, the juice, the essence or vitality in a substance.” RASA FOODS: DELECTABLE SALUBRIOUS COOKERY takes pride in creating meals fortified with the nourishing essence and vitality of life.

The Influence of Ayurveda:

The ayurvedic approach in the kitchen is such that intention plays as important of a role in the preparation of food as does the quality of ingredients. It is understood that the energy behind everything that we do is transmitted in one way or another. RASA FOODS are prepared in a spirit of pleasure and joy, giving recognition to the potency and the divine essence of the food. Sweet kitchen alchemy, if you will. In this way, one creates delicious, health-giving meals.

Only the Finest Ingredients:

RASA FOODS uses as many organic, seasonal, and locally grown foods as possible. Organic foods grow in the way that nature intended, with maximum nutritional content, providing the foundations of good health. After all, you are what you eat!

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Kitchen Wisdom Classes & Workshops, combining Wise Earth Ayurveda and Raphaology nutritional medicine, empower us all to remember our connection with nature through the process of learning how to prepare delectable, salubrious meals. Classes & Workshops are offered on an individual basis or in a group setting. Have fun while learning to achieve balance and optimum health by living with the rhythms of nature.